A Radical Tool for Passionate Gardeners

A Radical Tool for Passionate Gardeners

The only garden tool you'll ever love

SoilWand Story

As a long-time ice climber, I learned early on that when you climb, it's your tools that keep you safe and anchored to the wall. Ice axes are strong, ergonomic, lightweight, and accurate in a way most tools are not. SoilWand brings my love of climbing and the same quality tools into my second love, gardening. Welcome to SoilWand, your new favorite gardening tool.

Angus Junkin
Inventor of SoilWand

Keep your garden growing

If we want plants to flourish.
We need the right mix of ingredients.
A little art. A little science.
The perfect blend of love and work.
Everything in balance, everything working together.

Helping the work we do in the garden

From the smallest plot to the biggest yard.
Beautiful gardens take work.
We think that work deserves something better.
The right tool for the job.
Made smart and built to last.
The perfect tool for helping your garden grow.

The garden tool you’ve been waiting for

This is why we built Soilwand.
The only tool that adjusts to your needs
and changes with the seasons.
A tool that makes everything you
do in your garden more manageable.
The perfect partner for your time working in (and loving) your garden.

SoilWand is the only garden hand tool you need

Built Strong

Hardened carbon steel and space grade aluminum combine to make SoilWand the strongest (and longest-lasting tool) you will ever buy.

Ultra Precise

Ergonomically designed and perfectly balanced SoilWand makes even the most delicate work possible.

Easy to Hold

The elegant shape makes
SoilWand easy to use and pleasant to hold on to for even the longest sessions in the garden.

Precision Weeding

Tackle any types of weeds with ease. SoilWand's incredible adjustability lets you precisely target specific root systems: taproot, fibrous, shallow-rooted, and even weeds that spread with rhizomes.

Extreme Cultivation

Prepare new garden beds, break up tough soils, furrow, and even rip out brush and vines. SoilWand takes all of this and more in stride. You won't find another garden tool that does so many things so well.

Building Healthy Soil

Smooth soils and spread mulches quickly and easily. Work fertilizers and amendments into the ground where they can be broken down by microorganisms to improve soil health.


Learn more and see the SoilWand in action

SoilWand Key Features and Benefits

22" Articulated Handle

Increased reach and leverage to power through the toughest soils while reducing hand and wrist stress.

Interchangeable Toolheads

You choose the best toolhead for the job. SoilWand is the only hand tool that changes with the seasons.

Adjustable Toolheads

One head and so many uses. Change the toolhead angle and you change the tool.

Dual mounting points

Gives you the option to use two tool heads simultaneously to speed up gardening tasks.

Cutting Edge Material

We selected the best materials to deliver the perfect amount of heft and balance without weighing you down.


SoilWand withstands hundreds of pounds of force to tackle the most demanding projects.

Botaniworld Mission

The art of gardening is more than simply helping things grow. It’s about bringing life and beauty into this world. Beautiful bushels of bright color. Nourishing fruits and vegetables. The greenery that feeds the world around us and brings life to the space we inhabit. We’ve made bringing this life to the world our mission.

From innovative products that make work easy. To our free courses on how to better understand the science behind how things grow. Our mission is to make the world a little greener, one yard, one pot, one plant at a time.

Thank you for coming by. We’re glad you did. If you have any questions about SoilWand or our FREE Garden Tutor course. You can reach us here.
The team at Botaniworld