Garden Like A Pro

The only tool that delivers professional-grade versatility and ease, for a landscape that turns heads

Why SoilWand?

As an ice climber, I count on tools like the modern ice axe for strength, precision, and incredible power. SoilWand delivers those same qualities to your garden.

Angus Junkin,
Inventor of SoilWand


SoilWand replaces dozens of traditional tools, providing a wide range of functions from weeding and cultivating to digging and chopping, all in one device.


Its ergonomic design, featuring dual handgrips, reduces physical strain and increases leverage, making gardening more comfortable and effective, especially over extended periods.


With its modular heads on one or both ends and adjustable toolhead angles, SoilWand streamlines gardening tasks, saving time and effort.

SoilWand — Strong, Precise, Powerful

Premium Materials

Space-grade aluminum and hardened carbon steel make SoilWand incredibly durable.


Dual mounting points and swappable, angle-adjustable toolheads make it a garden multi-tool.

Enhanced Leverage

Dual grips offer superior leverage, reducing wrist strain and improving control.

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Why Choose SoilWand?

22" Articulated Handle

Increased reach and leverage to power through the toughest soils while reducing hand and wrist stress.

Interchangeable Toolheads

You choose the best toolhead for the job. SoilWand is the only hand tool that changes with the seasons.

Adjustable Toolheads

One head and so many uses. Change the toolhead angle and you change the tool.

Dual mounting points

Gives you the option to use two tool heads simultaneously to speed up gardening tasks.

Cutting Edge Material

We selected the best materials to deliver the perfect amount of heft and balance without weighing you down.


SoilWand withstands hundreds of pounds of force to tackle the most demanding projects.


What is SoilWand?

SoilWand is a compact, modular, articulated gardening tool platform that lets you add or remove toolheads and adjust them to your specific needs. No other garden tool offers such flexibility, convenience, and precision. By setting the angle of the toolhead, you can transform SoilWand into multiple tools. From a scuffle weeder, cultivator, and rake to an edger, shovel, and much more. With three toolheads to choose from, there are endless possibilities! You are in total control.

At just over 22 inches long and 2.375 lbs (with two toolheads), SoilWand provides extra reach and superior leverage when working in the garden. Hard soils are no match, and with dual handgrips, you can power through soils in which a standard garden trowel can't make a dent.

SoilWand is your go-to garden tool that will always be at your side, ready to tackle the most challenging garden projects.

What can you do with SoilWand?

SoilWand improves all ground-based gardening activities (weeding, cultivating, scraping, digging, and more) in three ways. First, the extended reach handle makes close-to-the-ground work more accessible as you can work from a single knee position helping you remain upright and avoid hunching over for long periods. Second, the ability to grip SoilWand in two places simultaneously provides incredible leverage and penetration and takes strain off wrists. Third, the ability to swap out and adjust toolheads lets you precisely configure SoilWand to the project at hand.

How is SoilWand Configured?

SoilWand uses a simple but highly secure automotive-grade barrel bolt system to attach toolheads to the tool handle mounting points. With a 5mm Allen wrench (provided with all SoilWand handles), users can quickly change toolhead positions or swap out entire toolheads.