Gardening / Landscaping


SoilWand is a revolutionary multifunctional tool for gardeners and landscapers. It's the first and only garden hand tool that blends three attributes into a single platform that's built upon strength, precision, and power. Combining these three elements gives you a tool that can do so many tasks so well in the garden. With three different toolheads to choose from and multiple adjustment angles, SoilWand lets you tackle well over 20 unique tasks in one single platform.

With SoilWand and using all three adjustable toolheads, you can do all of this and more:

  1. Garden Bed Preparation (GEN1 TOOL)
  2. Push/Pull Weeder (GEN1 TOOL)
  3. Precision Weeder (GEN1 TOOL)
  4. Dandelion Remover and taproot removal tool (GEN1 TOOL)
  5. Root Removal (GEN1 TOOL)
  6. Trenching (GEN1 TOOL)
  7. Dethatching (GEN1 TOOL)

  8. Hard Surface Scraper (GEN2 TOOL)
  9. Clump Grass Removal Weeder (GEN2 TOOL)
  10. Weeding on Slopes (GEN2 TOOL)
  11. Easy Wild Garlic Removal (GEN2 TOOL)
  12. Dig
  13. Plant
  14. Edge
  15. Furrow
  16. Brush Removal
  17. Chop
  18. Rip
  19. Scratch
  20. Rake
  21. Cultivate
  22. Aerate
  23. Transplant
  24. Spread
  25. Smooth
  26. Level
  27. Grade
  28. And so much more!

    SoilWand is a faithful companion that will always be at your side, ready to help tackle any gardening task you throw at it.