SoilWand Adjustable Ultra Gardening Multi-Tool - Modified Crescent Hoe Toolhead

$41.95 $44.95

MULTIPLE USES: Innovative multi-use garden toolhead based on mounting position. Super versatile cultivator that transforms into a scuffle hoe weeder, sod stripper, chopper, edger and more.

ULTRA-STRONG: Case-hardened 11 gauge steel withstands hundreds of pounds of force without bending or breaking.

ENDLESS VERSATILITY: One toolhead and so many uses throughout the lawn, garden and yard. From precision weeding in a mixed planting bed, installing a new garden to clearing overgrown brush and bramble.

USES BEYOND THE GARDEN: Trail building, off-roading, prospecting, metal detecting and more. Ideal size for locations that require strength and durability in a compact and lightweight format; easily fits in a backpack.

PATENT PENDING: Totally unique and innovative design provides incredible toolhead strength, configurability and precision.

TOOLHEAD ONLY: Sold as tool head only with mounting hardware. REQUIRES SoilWand Ergonomic Extended Reach Handle SOLD SEPARATELY