SoilWand Adjustable Multifunctional Garden Hand Tool System - Push/Pull Weeder Rake Toolhead

$36.98 $39.98

SoilWand Push/Pull Weeder Rake Toolhead is a small but powerful rake, cultivator and weeder all in one toolhead design. The slender and petite footprint lets you work around existing plants with precision and care. Rake teeth help with smoothing, grading, cultivating or are terrific for ripping our heavy weeds, groundcover and vines. 

MULTIPLE USES: Innovative multi-use garden tool head based on mounting position. Claw through heavy weeds, rake, break up clumps, roughen and scratch soils, push/pull weed around plants.

ULTRA-STRONG: Case-hardened 11 gauge steel withstands hundreds of pounds of force without bending or breaking. Easily breaks up compacted and clay soil.

ENDLESS VERSATILITY: One toolhead and so many uses throughout the lawn, garden and yard. From precision weeding in a mixed planting bed, installing a new garden to clearing overgrown brush and bramble.

USES BEYOND THE GARDEN: Trail building, off-roading, prospecting, metal detecting and more. Ideal size for locations that require strength and durability in a compact and lightweight format; easily fits in a backpack.

PATENT PENDING: Totally unique and innovative design provides incredible toolhead strength, configurability and precision.

TOOLHEAD ONLY: Sold as tool head only with mounting hardware. REQUIRES SoilWand Ergonomic Extended Reach Handle SOLD SEPARATELY